Benefits of Finding the Best Logbook Service Provider in Melbourne

Vice Customs provides affordable logbook services across Melbourne. We are accredited to provide logbook services that meet the Australian standards and according to the manufacturer’s warranty. We provide logbook services to cars of all makes and models. We work towards providing you with an uninterrupted working of your car. There are many logbook services from the simplest to the most essential services. Hiring a professional for your logbook services will ensure a safe run of your vehicle for a long time.

Check out the benefits of finding an excellent logbook service provider in Melbourne:

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  • Authentic Inspection: Logbook servicing helps maintain the warranty of your vehicle and ensures that your vehicle is in good condition. When you choose our auto repair shop for logbook servicing, you will receive the service according to the manufacturer’s specifications. We have the experience to work on vehicles of all makes and models and we will make note of every logbook servicing done.
  • Affordability: Wear and tear are normal for vehicles due to daily use. It would require loosening or tightening certain parts of your vehicle. Only a logbook service provider will have specialised knowledge about the same. If you end up at a random mechanic shop you will be charged extra for the same services.
  • Credibility: Only an authorised mechanic will be aware of the particular brand specification of your car. You can count on our team, who are authorised to perform logbook services for most cars, to work on your vehicle.

Maintain Your Statutory Warranty With Our Logbook Service in Melbourne

If you are looking for a logbook service provider along with maintaining the statutory warranty of your car, Vice Customs is your one-stop solution in Melbourne. We ensure that logbook services are provided at the manufacturer’s prescribed time intervals. Any replacements, diagnosis, and repairs are carried out as per the manufacturer’s specifications, which will help you retain the manufacturer warranty. Our skilled mechanics are licensed to carry out the logbook services of a wide variety of vehicles in Melbourne. We use all the top-quality equipment and products to meet and exceed the OEM standards. To ensure the safety of our mechanics and car owners, we ensure that there is a strict sanitisation process before and after the logbook service.

Drive into Vice Customs When You Need Affordable Logbook Service

Vice Customs is the most reliable Logbook Service provider and will service your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s specifications. We are known as the most sought-after logbook service providers as our mechanics are well trained and professionally qualified to deal with different types of vehicles. As an authorised dealer of the major brands of cars, we use certified car parts for any repair or replacement requirements. Mail us at to get your appointment scheduled for the logbook service of your car. Get your free, no-obligation quote today!

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