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Be it 4×4 car tyres or passenger tyres, Vice Customs provides the best and the most affordable car tyres in Melbourne. At Vice Customs, we provide the following categories of passenger car tyres:

  • All Terrain Tyres: We provide high-quality all-terrain tyres, which are used for traction on all types of surfaces, including regular and off-road. These tyres combine the open-tread design of off-road tyres as well as the good handling ability of the street tyres.
  • 4X4 Car Tyres: We provide the best varieties of 4×4 car tyres where the tread is deeper and contains larger gaps between the tread as compared to that of a standard tyre. This design also helps in maintaining traction in the many adverse conditions by ensuring that adequate rubber material will remain in contact with the ground.
Passenger Car Tyres
  • Mud Terrain Tyres: If the wheels on your vehicle are usually drifting away from the beaten track and into uncharted terrain, get mud-terrain tyres. These are excellent for more aggressive tread patterns and offer great grip for wheels, even in the most extreme terrains, especially in wet snow and mud. These are also highly durable, with tougher sidewalls to absorb the impact of rocks and damage from other off-road hazards.
  • SUV Tyres: We provide SUV tyres that are designed and manufactured with the purpose of being able to take the additional weight/load of the vehicle. With great grip, braking, and handling, we offer SUV 4×4 tyres, which are reinforced to take the durability of off-road experiences, even with concerns of heavily defined tread patterns that help in maximising grip on all possible types of terrains.
  • Premium : When it comes to safety, grip, rolling resistance, and endurance, premium tyres give the best performance and we offer the best-suited premium tyres based on your requirement in Melbourne.
  • Bobcat Tyres: We provide a wide range of bobcat tyres, including both air-filled, and solid versions.
  • Budget Tyres: We provide all types of budget tyres from popular brands, making it simpler for clients who are looking out for cheaper versions of car tyres.

In addition to the types of tyres, we provide high-quality 4×4 car tyres like:

  • Branded 4×4 tyres
  • Budget 4×4 tyres
  • All-Terrain 4×4 tyres
  • Mud-Terrain 4×4 Tyres
  • Winter 4×4 Tyres

Vice Customs is the leading service provider and supplier of car tyres in Melbourne. You can expect nothing less than perfection from our mechanics when you entrust your car with us. Contact us on (03) 9740 9691 to talk to our experts when your car tyre requires a repair or replacement.

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