The Importance of a Good Passenger Car Tyre Supplier in Melbourne

Brakes are not the only safety feature when you need to stop the vehicle – the tyres also play an important role in it. That’s why, having good passenger car tyres is important for the safety of all the passengers in the vehicle. Vice Customs is one such shop that provides quality passenger tyres. Some of the benefits of buying passenger car tyres from Vice Customs are:

  • Safety: Tyres are the most important part of the car providing you with primary safety from unexpected situations such as bad roads or terrible weather condition your tyres might encounter.
  • Value of tyre: It is wiser to get efficient tyres now rather than low-quality tyres for cheaper prices, which would lead to higher expense later. This can save you from frequently changing passenger tyres.
  • A pleasant ride: Perfectly fit car tyres that are of top-notch quality will ensure that you have a smooth and comfortable car ride.
  • Extensive range of tyres: We offer high-quality tyres for cars of most makes and models in Melbourne.
Passenger Car Tyres

Tips for Maintaining Passenger Car Tyres

A well-maintained car tyre doesn’t come easily to car owners. However, it is an inevitable process in the life of a car owner to get your vehicle serviced periodically. General maintenance will improve the life span of the car tyre, eliminating the need for frequent tyre replacements. You will also save a lot if your tyres last for long.Some ways to maintain your car tyres are as follows:

  • Ensure that you conduct periodical oil check and oil change. Insufficient oil is as problematic as old oil, which causes the engine to heat up and lead to other issues.
  • Rotate your car tyre to prevent uneven tyre balding or wear and tear of treads. Uneven treads lead your vehicle to lean to a particular side, which poses a threat to the passengers and driver.
  • Ensure that the air pressure in your car tyres is what is recommended by the manufacturer. Insufficient air will lead to spoiled treads and overfilling air is dangerous as it might result in the tyre bursting.

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Vice Customs provides the best passenger car tyres in Melbourne. The quality of the tyres we supply and the maintenance services we offer has earned us the reputation of the best passenger car tyre supplier in Melbourne. Mail us at to know more about the tyre maintenance services we offer and get your free quote today!

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