Vehicle Wraps: The Most Cost-Effective Advertising Method in Melbourne


Vice Customs provides vehicle wraps at affordable prices across Melbourne. We provide the most cost-effective vehicle wrap designs and services to advertise your company name. It is one of the best marketing techniques to promote your company. People will be familiar with your company when they notice a car with your company logo on it driving around Melbourne. Here are a few points you need to consider while choosing us for your vehicle wraps:

Vehicle Wraps
  1. Experience: We have been in the industry for over a decade and have experience applying various types of vehicle wraps including Roof and Bonnet Wrap.
  2. Installation environment: We have a permanent and optimum installation environment with all the necessary tools. You can expect nothing less than professionalism from our work and work environment.
  3. Work portfolio: Our works speak volume. Similarly, our website will take you through an array of services we offer. Refer to our website to know more about the wrap services in Melbourne. You can also ask our existing customers to know their experience with us.
  4. Designing: We have a professional team of designers to create eye-catching and appealing designs for your car wrap. We ensure that our work will speak for itself.
  5. Materials used: We use only top-quality materials to wrap your vehicle. Anything less than the industry standard cannot be expected at Vice Customs.
  6. Guarantee: We prepare the vehicle properly before applying the wrap. As we are sure to offer quality services, we guarantee to fix any damage to the wrap caused during the application.

The Top Benefits of Using Vehicle Wraps in Melbourne

One of the most effective marketing strategies to advertise your business is through an outdoor advertisement. Vice Customs is the leading service provider of vehicle wraps in Melbourne. Here are a few benefits of using vehicle wraps from Vice Customs:

  • Professionalism: All vehicles for which we have provided with a vehicle wrap will assure the viewers that they are looking at a company that is serious about their work. That is the professionalism in the design and work we offer.
  • Better exposure: People from various sectors of life travel in vehicles. Hence the company will get perfect exposure as our designs are eye-catching.
  • Vehicle Wrap Cost: Advertising costs a fortune for businesses. However, we provide vehicle wraps at affordable prices in and around Melbourne.
  • Reduces damage: Our vehicle wrap will not result in scratches on your vehicle as we use a protective film on your vehicle before applying the wrap.
  • Easy removal: In case you would like to change the advertised product, you can get it done easily from us. We will strip it off carefully and apply the new advertisement in no time.

Leading Vehicle Wraps in Melbourne

If you are still searching for vehicle wraps in Melbourne, head straight to Vice Customs. We have the best team with years of experience in designing vehicle wraps at competitive costs. Their service is undertaken by our professionals and is delivered within the shortest time. We assure you that our work will exceed your expectations. Contact us on (03) 9740 9691 to get your free no-obligation quote today!

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