Wheel & Tyre Packages

How to Find Affordable Wheel and Tyres in Melbourne

If you are searching for a way to improve the performance of your car, Vice Customs is the perfect solution for you as we provide the best-suited wheel, tyre, and suspension accessories for our clientele in Melbourne. We provide high-quality wheel and tyre packages for your vehicle, including trusted brands, at the most affordable prices. Some of our most popular brands are Hussla, Fuel, KMC, Method, Dynamic, CSA, Grid, and Savini, along with other popular brands such as Koya, Lenso, Simmons, and Lexani. The following are our most common tyre and wheel packages offered to our clientele in Melbourne:

  • Work Meister1
  • M220 – Avant-Garde
  • Dynamic D
  • Dynamic Imitation Beadlock Foft8
  • Grid GD9
  • Hussla Takeover
  • Inovit Vector
  • KMC KM665 Surge
  • Koya SF07
  • Method NV305
  • P51 Wheels
  • Rota Grid
  • Vertini Dynasty
  • Simmons FR Series
  • Savini SVF2
  • Vertini RF1.7

To know more about the specific wheel and tyre packages, call us and our experts will guide you on which package suits you the best. The following are the major advantages of our wheel and tyre packages:

  1. Weather handling: It is important to ensure that you buy wheels and tyres that are capable of riding during wet weather. At Vice Customs, we provide packages that will help you choose an all-season wheel and tyre combo.
  2. Noise: Many times, the noise frequency differs with tyre and rim packages from various manufacturers. We consider these factors before choosing the right package of wheels and tyres for you.
  3. Tread life: We always will consider the wear and tear rating of the tyre, by identifying manufacturer testing outputs and results.

Amazing Wheel and Tyre Modifications and Customisations in Melbourne

Our wheel and tyre packages at Vice Customs will offer you a seamless driving experience. Ranging from supplying and installing tyre lettering to providing wheel and tyre accessories from the most trusted and popular brands, we provide our packages at the most cost-effective rates across the suburbs of Melbourne. Not just the quality, we also offer the latest wheel and tyre packages in Melbourne at affordable prices. We are never out of stock as we possess an immense stock of tyre and rim packages to cater to your needs at any time of the day.

By choosing our wheels and tyre packages and customisations and modifications based on your choice and requirement, we also assure you that you will save a considerable amount in your purchase compared to our competitors. If you are a first timer, we have an in-house specialist to help you choose the perfect fit.

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Contact Vice Customs on (03) 9740 9691 and talk to our friendly staff to know more about the wheel and tyre accessories we offer in Melbourne. We are open six days a week to ensure that all our customers get ample time to purchase our products and services.

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