Affordable Car Repair Services For Sunbury Residents

There is nothing more daunting than having your car breakdown while on the roads. While you try to hit the roads as fast as possible for a quick meeting or a function, repairing your car may seem like the hardest uphill battle. In such cases, it is crucial to get in touch as soon as possible with expert car repair services, which is nearest to your location. Vice Customs is your one-stop-shop for all your car repair and auto electrical requirements serving the suburb of Sunbury.

At Vice Customs, we strive to provide you customised ride services in addition to offering a wide array of car services such as car vinyl wrap, car sign writing, car logbook services, car accessories, and so on. Our wide range of car services have made us the most sought-after and the most cost-effective car mechanic services in and around the suburb of Sunbury.

Services We Provide

Wheels & Tyres

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Accessories


All Mechanical Repairs

Logbook Service‎

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